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Assortment of our wines
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Peach Ginger
(Peach Bay, Ginger) Great as a marinade with poultry or pork. Spread over a toasted muffin or your favorite bread!
Price: $9

Pilgrims in Paradise
(Cranberry Bay) Like Cranberry Orange Muffins? This will put you over the top with this delicious combination of Cranberry Bay, Orange and Sea Salt Caramel!
Price: $9

Pilgrim Pattie
(Cranberry Blush, Chocolate and Peppermint) Our take on a favorite that will become one of YOURS!
Price: $9

Wicked Bad Newz
(Raspberry Bay, Dark Chocolate and Habanero) Wholly Mole! Our take on a Mexican favorite!
Price: $9