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Assortment of our wines
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Raspberry Spice
(Raspberry Bay) Get a sweet kick out of this delicious treat combining Raspberry and Habanero. Whether over cream cheese or brie as a jelly or a new favorite mix with soy sauce and garlic powder for unforgettable chicken wings!
Price: $9

DryDock Scampi
(DryDock White) Oh, the possibilities! Shrimp or chicken scampi. Over a steak for a Tuscan feel. And lets not forget with cream cheese over an Everything bagel.
Price: $9

(Blackberry Bay) Here's our Billionaire in Jelly form! A great pairing of Blackberry and Lime!
Price: $9

First Thanksgiving
(Cranberry Bay, Pumpkin and Maple Syrup) Mixing some of the Best New England has to offer into this one that will bring back memories.
Price: $9