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Assortment of our wines
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Cranberry Bay
Made from plump, juicy, local fruit, this sweet-tart wine is well-balanced for any meal but is a must at holiday feasts. In the kitchen, use Cranberry Bay to baste turkey and ham. A versatile cocktail mixer, at the bar simply add orange juice to create a "Plymouth Bay Kiss." Add apple cider and a cinnamon stick for a "Plymouth Bay Toddy." We recommend blending with Cherry Bay and fresh fruit for an unforgettable "wicked pissah" sangria!
Price: $13.95

Widow's Walk
This aromatic, fruity, elegant customer favorite is a tribute to classic German Rieslings and Gewürztraminers. Underscored by apple and pear, Widow's Walk is perfectly paired with seafood, pork, ham, and veggie burgers-even for dipping our specialty cookies! In the kitchen, reduce to create deeply
flavorful sauces.
Price: $13.95

Drydock White
Imagine devouring a white grape! Drydock is an excellent choice for white wine lovers who enjoy classic whites. Soft, citrus notes make this a suitable companion for brunch and seafood dishes. In the kitchen, use as a base to create exceptional scampi sauce or chicken stock.
Price: $13.95