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Assortment of our wines
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Colonial Red
Made from a native grape of Concord, Massachusetts, this grape was first cultivated in the 1830s. This fruity wine high in antioxidants stands up confidently beside pizza, red sauces, sweet BBQ, Thai foods, peanut sauces, and grilled meats.
Price: $13.95

Cranberry Blush
Of our two cranberry wines, we call this, our top summer seller, the "pucker." This semi-dry spicy blend of cranberry and white grapes becomes the ultimate summer cocktail as a spritzer by adding club soda and fresh limes. Your guests will crave these with spicy foods and everything coming off
the grill.
Price: $13.95

Raspberry Bay
Distinctively raspberry, this rich, silky, fruity red is our true dessert wine. At the table, delight guests by serving with grilled fruit (pineapple, peaches), cobblers, cheesecake, coffee cake, or over chocolate ice cream. In the kitchen, a delicious base for vinaigrettes. At the bar, mix with vodka and pineapple juice to create our signature "Sexy PBW Martini."
Price: $16.95