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Assortment of our wines
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Blueberry Bay
A surprising favorite among cabernet and merlot devotees, this is your go-to BBQ wine-burgers, pulled pork, ribs. Equally delicious with cheese boards, cheesecake, poundcake, or ice cream. Serve over pineapple ice cubes for a winning play at cocktail hour! Call for availability.
Price: $16.95

Cherry Bay
Sweet bing cherries bring big flavor to this decadent wine. At the bar, pour Cherry Bay over lemonade ice cubes with fresh mint to create a "Plymouth Bay Bomb." Or, add a shot of chocolate liqueur for a "Chocolate Covered Cherry." Serve over vanilla or chocolate ice cream or with brownies
for dessert.
Price: $13.95

Blackberry Bay
Light, smooth, and easy drinking, Blackberry Bay is lovely beside pasta dishes, cheese boards, salmon, and pork dishes. At the bar, top of a gin and tonic with Blackberry Bay for what we call a "Billionaire." In the kitchen, marinade peaches in this for a dessert your guests will rave about for years.
Price: $16.95